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Sow & Grow Gardening Tips: The Year of the Zinnia

Updated: Mar 25

Hey there budding gardeners! We, at The Light Project, have dedicated 2024 as "Year of the Zinnia" – a celebration of beauty, femininity, and generosity!

As we delve into planting zinnias, let's also take a moment to tend to the soil of our own hearts – just like we nourish the earth for our blooms to flourish. Together, let's roll up our sleeves and nurture our souls, as we share some handy tips along the way! 🌱🌼

Pick a Spot & Rid the Weeds

Bed Builder for Zinnias

Continue the important work of building up your garden!

Once the soil has been turned over, spread a layer of organic matter, manure or compost 2-3’’ thick over the bed and then turn the soil over again to mix the compost into the soil. Adding compost will improve the soil by adding nutrition and improving soil structure. All Seasons offers an extensive range of high-quality soils and soil amendments, ensuring your Zinnia gardening is a breeze. Explore their superior selection now!

Let your garden rest in anticipation of seeds or transplants.

Before planting your Zinnia seeds or transplants, consider the space of your flower bed and allow room for them to root and grow. The Benary variety grows to 40-50’’ tall, which translates to 3-4’. With their height, they would literally stand-out in any flower bed or solo structure made just for them. If planting in a bed with others, plant them in the back with smaller varieties in the front to layer the look. Zinnia seeds and transplants are available in shorter varieties that make excellent pairings.

For Zinnia seeds to germinate, it takes the patience of waiting 3-5 days and temperatures at 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. You can also pre-soak the seeds, which can shorten the germination period. Simply place the seeds in a small bowl, and cover them with warm water. Allow them to soak for 12-24 hours. Drain the water and blot the seeds on a towel just prior to sowing.

This is the time to “anticipate” and have faith in the bloom to come.


Together, let's focus on tending the soil in our hearts and flourishing in the light of the Holy Spirit.  

Stay tune to our Facebook page, blog, and Can I Getta Amen podcast for further details on all of our sacredspaces in 2024 and how we can all grow together to be "One Tough Bloom"!

Special thanks to All Seasons for providing tips for our Blooming Beginners.

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