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Filament Bulb


Through daily pursuit of these values, we hope to radiate a bold faith that draws others into a deeper relationship with Christ. As Mother Teresa says, " If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." We believe that our own homes are the place where God can begin to do His good work in us and in the spaces we gather.

  • Plug into the Source: As a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, connection to Christ remains our priority as we seek to grow and bear good spiritual fruits.

  • Generate warmth & hospitality: We give comfort and encouragement through the creation of warm and approachable spaces, which includes the safety of our own presence.

  • Live & love brilliantly: Through a confident and bold faith, we give others the freedom and the courage to pursue a relationship with Jesus and to live authentically as God created them, beginning with our families.

  • Create through the Ah-Ha’s:  We seek to leave the world better through the light bulb moments where the Holy Spirit infuses us with divine inspiration, creativity, and imagination.

  • Possess a childlike faith: Through a childlike faith, we embrace curiosity, vulnerability, and humility reminding us to trust God will lead us, protect us, love us, and provide for us.


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