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Cajun Mardi Gras Art-11x14

Cajun Mardi Gras Art-11x14

Signed and numbered, this is a limited edition pen and ink Cajun Mardi Gras print. What a way to proudly show off our heritage.


The Cajun Mardi Gras is an early springtime renewal and is essentially a way for communities to celebrate and find themselves.


This celebration includes dancing, community cooking, celebration, and begging. The fête de la quémande, or feast of begging, is the highlight of Cajun Mardi Gras. Historically, male members of the medieval French community would ride around town on horseback, knocking on doors to ask for ingredients for the community meal. In the more recent Courir de Mardi Gras celebrations, women and children also participate. Read more here.


(Frame not included)



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