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God and My Cell Phone

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the things in our lives mirror what is going on within us?  I was reminded of this recently.

My phone needed an update but couldn’t because it didn’t have enough storage space.  I was so annoyed because my phone wasn’t working the way it should or even close to its capabilities.  I spent countless hours over at least a month culling through old pictures.  I mean seriously, how many times can I accidently screen shot my home screen?!  I kept working on it every day, and every morning I would wake up to the message that there was still not enough usable space to update.  You’ve got to be kidding me!!


I deleted unused apps.  I cleared old messages. I was spending so much time going through things on a device that I intentionally avoid using as much as possible.


This morning after almost a month of clearing and deleting, my phone finally updated and is running at full capacity.  The interesting thing is that I noticed I also felt like I was running at full capacity.  Something I hadn’t felt in a while.  A long while if I’m being totally honest.


When I made the connection, I realized that as I’ve been working on purging my phone from all the junk that has no business being held on to, I was also purging my soul from the same things.  By going through all those pictures, I saw how many old memories I was sitting with and holding on to, some that I no longer needed.  I was purging myself from the old programs and systems that I don’t need to operate with anymore.


I’ve been so tired and down, but I now understand that it’s because so much of my energy was going to cleaning out the gunk that has built up around my soul and was weighing me down like a thousand-pound weight on my shoulders.


That clarity alone released half of it!


Doing the work to keep our souls clean and as pure as possible is sometimes intentional, but sometimes it is not visible, even to us.  We know that something is going on.  There’s a stirring, an unsettled something.  But if we remain in prayer with Our Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us, He will clear all the debris and no-longer-useful-to-us programming that can keep us stuck and heavy and drained.  He will bring us to a place that we may intentionally avoid and help us to sweep away all the muck and yuck that the world has placed there, but He knows doesn’t belong.  And all the while the Holy Spirit is making room for God to move so He can update my operating system.


I never dreamed that Christ would meet me in my phone of all things.  But there He is reminding me that we are a team and He’s got me!

Wishing you Love and Light!


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