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How Do I Do This Devotional Y'all?

Pursuing Peace Love Letters of St. Paul Scripture Devotional

Once you have your copy of Pursuing Peace: Through the Love Letters of St. Paul Part Two in hand, you may wonder, "Okay. Now What?!" The answer is simple. Just jump in! Seriously!

There's a song from The Sound of Music that says,

"Let's start at the very beginning. It's a very good place to start."

(Anyone else singing it to themselves, now? Thanks, Julie Andrews! Ha!)

Truly though, the beginning pages are rich with wisdom and guidance. You already know the purpose of the devotional and why it's so important to have daily time spent reflecting on and learning scripture. Consider flipping through the next pages to get to know the contributors. These are twelve wonderful and everyday women who simply decided to take a chance on Christ!

Next up, let's Find your Light!

Wait. What? I thought I was pursuing peace. Well, part of the peace that you're pursuing comes from knowing who you are and what lights you up!

The "Finding Your Light" section on pages 10-13 is something you'll want to refer back to often as a guide to help you find the path where God may be calling you to use your gifts for His Kingdom. Trust me. You don't want to skip this part.

Diving In

Once you've found your Light, you're ready for the main section of Pursuing Peace: Through the Love Letters of St. Paul Part Two. The beginning of each weekly scripture reflection is organized into the Lectio Divina process. (In the next blog we will have sample weeks from the devotional so that you'll be able to see more clearly how it is organized and get more familiar with the process.) Page 16 lays out "how to" Lectio Divina step-by-step.

Pursuing Peace Love Letters of St. Paul Scripture Devotional

Lectio Divina is a way of praying the scripture by reading it more than once, chewing over it slowly and carefully, savoring it, and allowing it to speak to us personally, which aids us in strengthening the union we have with God through Christ, who is the Living Word. It is an invaluable way of praying, especially at the beginning of your day. Starting your day with the Lectio Divina process allows you to take what you've learned and bring it into the world in your own authentic way.


The final few pages in the front of Pursuing Peace are prayers for a variety of purposes and written by a variety of people, including some of our favorite Saints. These prayers are referenced throughout the weekly scripture pages and include the Daily Examen from St. Ignatius (p.17), and the Beatitudes (p.22), which can both be used as a way to reflect at the end of your day.

Stay tuned for next week's devotional dive-in by coming back to the Devotional Content section of our blog.

Wishing you Love and Light!



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