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Updated: May 27

When I wake up each morning, I like to spend time with my thoughts and the view out my

back window.  I listen to the chickadees and cardinals chirping, the doves coo, and the bullfrogs croak.  Sometimes I get to see a great blue heron gracefully walking the banks of the small pond in the early morning light that magnifies its beauty.  Most days I get to hear a flock of geese flying overhead, and, if I’m lucky, I get to see them marching through the dewy grass as they forage. I love mornings.

Mornings bring the sunshine, the sounds of awakening life, and possibility.  I do my best to wake up before the rest of my family does.  I crave these quiet mornings surrounded by the beauty that God has so generously blessed me with. It’s like an Adoration chapel for me.  It’s the place where I can feel God’s presence through His creation, and I ask Him what He has in store for me on this day.  I get to ask Him how I can participate in His unfolding plan. Then I simply sit with Him and my hot cup of coffee. In this season of life, it is one of my favorite things, and it’s definitely one of my favorite ways to encounter Him.


This morning I heard the choir of His making; the cool Spring breeze blowing through the tender new leaves budding on the trees, the songs of the owls rising up to greet Him, the soft, sweet melody of the swallows off in the distance.  I was able to watch the dance of the bluebirds as they flitted from tree to tree and the butterflies float amongst the bright colors of the flowers beneath them.  It felt like a love song from Christ to me, and I was totally taken away by this symphony of joy!


Listening to all the birds and soaking up their melodies, I realized that this is how they start each day.  They start each day with a song.  They wake up singing every single morning of their lives!


My thoughts then traveled to, “What would it be like if I started each day with a song?”  I mulled that over for a bit deciding what song I wanted to sing today.  After a bit, I pulled out my daily scripture reflection.  When I opened it, I laughed because I knew that God was speaking directly to me… through nature as He likes to do.



Sing a new song to the Lord…


Let them praise God’s name with dancing and make music…


For the Lord takes delight in the people…


Let the faithful rejoice with glory,

Shout with joy on their couches.

Let the praise of God be in their mouths.


His message was clear.  “Start your day with a little praise and worship.


Think about it.  Can you leave from praise and worship and be miserable?  I’m still in awe of how simple this message is.  Actually, His messages usually are.  I also recognize how profound of an impact it can have on my daily life to start it this way. 


I think I will still visit with Him over that deliciously warm and inviting cup of coffee, but I will probably end it with some sort of song.  Whether I play it from a playlist, or I hum it, or I belt it out as I dance around the living room, I will start the day with a song in my heart. 

Every blade of grass,

every leaf on the tree,

every breeze that blows,

every raindrop that falls,

every bird that I see will remind me to sing it.


So, how about you?  What song will you sing today? 


Not sure?  Take a walk outside (with bare feet in the grass if that’s possible) even for just 2 minutes if that’s all the time you have.  While you’re there, simply watch and listen with an open heart and an open mind, and thank Him for the beauty that surrounds you. 

Wishing you Love and Light!



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