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One Tough Bloom: The Year of the Zinnia

Updated: 2 days ago

We, at The Light Project, have dedicated 2024 as "Year of the Zinnia" – a celebration of beauty, femininity, and generosity!

The seed for this idea was planted when we were gifted with two small jars of bright zinnias from a recent guest, Mrs. Robin Hebert on our podcast, Can I Getta Amen.

Upon a quick internet check, here is what we discovered: While these flowers can have different meanings in different cultures, they are a symbol of love and friendship, endurance, daily remembrance, goodness, and a zest for life. They are commonly associated with spiritual growth, transformation, and wisdom. Zinnias are the hardest working flower in the summer garden.

Zinnias are one tough bloom.

2024 Sacred Spaces

Join us this year in our sacred spaces as we plant seeds of faith, hope, and love.

Together, let's focus on tending the soil in our hearts and flourishing in the light of the Holy Spirit.  

Stay tune to our Facebook page, blog, and podcast for further details on all of our scared spaces in 2024 and how we can all grow together to be "One Tough Bloom"!

Special thanks to Emily S Pitre Art for the beautiful art and these beautiful ladies for generously giving of their time and gifts to make the year of the zinnia happen: Robin Hebert, Tara Thimmesch Bienvenu, Emily Cortese, Adriane Nunez Tiel, and Chelette Pharr.

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